Raising funds to provide direct practical help

About the Friends of Meisori School

Raising funds to provide direct practical help

The charity is managed by

Mike Latchem  Chairman
Beryl Little Secretary
Dennis Little Treasurer
Margaret Cribb Trustee
Lorraine Latchem Trustee
Barbara Redshaw Trustee
Jean Starkey Trustee
Samuel Lekae Trustee

Registered Charity No. 1134520








Our aim is to raise funds so that each year we can support some needy children from Meisori Primary School through their high school secondary education.  In addition, we would like to continue to provide some equipment to Meisori School to enhance the experience of its pupils during their primary education.


In 2008 we began paying the fees for two 14 year old boys, Victor and Vincent, to attend Tenges Boys' High School, and bought 50 new desks for Meisori Primary.


In subsequent years we have increased the number of pupils sponsored to secondary school and the pattern is now that six begin each year.  A further three pupils are sponsored to Polytechnic for 2-year vocational courses eg dress making or mechanics. 


Each year a small group of Trustees and donors visit the Primary School, and then travel, with the Primary Head teacher, to visit all our sponsored students in their boarding secondary/polytechnic establishments.  This means we know them all personally, see their school reports, see their school campuses and give them encouragement to study hard.

The Friends of Meisori School is a charity that was set up in December 2007 with the aim of assisting this particular primary school in rural Kenya.



Friends of Meisori School